2021 Odia Calender Purnima Date and Time Odisha 2021

2021 Odia Calendar Purnima Date and Time Odisha 2021

The full moon day is called Purnima. It is also known as Poornima, Pournima, Punnami and Purnamasi. Purnima fasting is observed by many people on the full moon day as it is considered very auspicious day for any type of worship. This page lists all Purnima or Pournami days on Odia Lunar Calendar for the year 2021 like purnima in odia, guru purnima in odia, rakhi purnima in odia, kartik purnima in odia language, kumar purnima in odia, kartika purnima in odia, dola purnima in odia.

Odia Hindu Calendar - Purnima Date and Times 2021

28th January 2021 - Thursday

27th February 2021 - Saturday

28th March 2021 - Sunday

27th April 2021 - Tuesday

26th May 2021 - Wednesday

24th June 2021 - Thursday

24th July 2021 - Saturday

22nd August 2021 - Sunday

20th Sept 2021 - Monday

20th October 2021 - Wednesday

19th November 2021 - Friday

19th December 2021 - Sunday

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